Since 1976, Roller Auctions has been the place to find Colorado government agencies’ surplus.

Selling everything from heavy equipment to police evidence for over 100 different Colorado agencies there are plenty of exciting items to check out. These online auctions are open to the public and are easy and exciting to participate in.

Vehicle and Equipment Auctions: Bi-Monthly we conduct auctions of used vehicles and equipment at an internet only public auction. These auctions include quality, well maintained items including cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, utility vehicles, tractors, landscaping equipment and much more! There’s not a better place to find quality used vehicles and equipment than this Colorado government agency auction.

General Surplus Auctions: Monthly we have 12,000 square feet full of Colorado government surplus sold at our public internet only auction. This auction includes police evidence, IT equipment, tools, janitorial equipment and much, much more! Scroll through these auctions and you’re bound to find something to bid on.

You don’t want to miss the next Colorado government agency auction, featuring items from local police departments, cities, counties, and municipalities across Colorado. View our schedule of upcoming auctions below or peruse the previous auctions to see what you’re missing!

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